Active Cities
 “Poley makes learning self-massage simple and exciting . . . . This book is full of detail, descriptions, and helpful photos. Learning self-massage doesn’t take long, but the benefits are long lasting.” --See the full story by Patty Reagin in the May 2007 issue on page 18.

Athletes HI
 “This book explains why self massage is so powerful and how it can improve your athletic performance, overall health and mood. The book is arranged in such a way to allow you to focus on specific body areas. The best part is that it explains seven simple massage strokes that can be combined to create a total body massage. As each type of stroke is learnt, helpful tips are given to help you get the best benefit from each type of stroke. This simple, step-by-step approach is what makes this book such a pleasure to read and re-read.”--See the full story by Asti Tomsic in the May 2007 online magazine.

Athletics Weekly magazine
 “With the cost of physio always rising, Rich Poley has come to the rescue with a book that teaches the art of self-massage. . . .His book explains how you can use techniques to improve athletic performance, relieve muscle strains, relax and prevent injuries.” --See the full story in the December 2006 issue on page 38.

Atlanta Sports & Fitness Magazine
 “OK, we all know that massages are good for us . . . but please, not everyone can afford to go to the spa once a week!  That’s why we love Rich Poley’s new book, Self-Massage for Athletes. It offers a great maintenance plan for those times when you just can’t make it to a massage therapist, and it even has tons of photographs showing the best ways to massage each part of the body.” --See the full story in the December 2006 issue on page 11.

Bicycle Paper
 “Poley’s tone is engaging and informative, always managing to take the subject matter seriously without coming across as a textbook. Furthermore, Self-Massage for Athletes works for both those who wish to read it from beginning to end and just want to look up a particular technique or stroke. Overall, this is a comprehensive and easy to read book that is appropriate for anyone interested in alleviating the muscle aches commonly associated with being an athlete.” --See the full story by Amy Ensign in the March 2007, page 3.

Bike Culture
“Self-Massage for Athletes is 20 chapters full of empowering information on applying self-massage to keep yourself feeling good. Chapters are short and the reading is interesting and enjoyable. Techniques are clearly explained and I found them easy to apply to one’s self. The black and white pictures fully illustrate the techniques and add beauty to the lessons.” --See the full story by Deb Fries in Issue 138, 2007, page 12.

body & brain Magazine
 “While massage professionals may flick a wrist at its simplicity, Self-Massage for Athletes informs and entertains, making massage accessible to everyone–even if it is self-administered.” --See the full story in the December 2006 issue on page 71.

Cross Country Skier magazine
Self-Massage for Athletes is brimming with information, tips, and ideas to improve athletic performance. Its 20 chapters cover the seven massage strokes necessary for effective self-massage and guide the reader through a full body massage. Special chapters focus on the science of massage, acupressure trigger point therapy, endorphin release, self-massage tools, sports massage and shower massage.” --See the full story in the December 2006 issue on page 98.

Marathon & Beyond
“This is a tried-and-true, very simple way to take steps to avoid injuries from overuse. It’s so simple even a marathoner can do it.” See the full story by Rich Benyo in the May/June 2007 issue on page 14.

Massage Magazine
“Written by an Ironman triathlete for other athletes, this easy-to-follow book extols the benefits of self-massage pre- and post-activity, and for general well being. It is well sourced, contains clear black-and-white photos demonstrating technique, and targets the specific needs and muscular woes of competitive and recreational athletes. It would be a fine source of self-care exercises for your athletic clientele.” See the full story in the March 2007 issue on page 115.

Metro Sports New York
“The ability to relieve pain and speed recovery with self-massage can bring training to new levels and help prevent injuries.” See the full story in the March 2007 issue on page 22.

Midwest Book Review
Self-Massage for Athletes offers a complete and thoroughly 'user friendly' how-to guide to the art and benefits of massage for active people engaged in sports and exercise. . . . Self-Massage for Athletes is confidently recommended for athletes of any age or condition who cannot afford or otherwise have access to a masseuse, but wish to benefit from the efficacy of an effective massage after their exertions.” See the full story in the April 2007 issue on page 26.
“Sometimes after a long ride we have a load of aches and pains, and no way to get rid of them. Rub your troubles away with this excellent book. . . . .We’re confident that athletes of any skill level will benefit by having Rich Poley’s excellent work in their collection. The results of applying the techniques within are immediate. . . . . Bottom Line: Advice is only good advice if it’s put to use. Rich Poley turns complicated subjects into advice anyone can put to use.” --See the full story in the December 2006 online magazine, gear review section, or pdf.

Philly FIT magazine
“Anyone who's enjoyed a professional massage knows the value of massage therapy.  What most athletes don't know is how to apply those benefits to their own bodies. Rich Poley, the author of this new book, Self-Massage for Athletes helps make massage accessible to everyone by providing the simple techniques and tools necessary to effectively practice self-massage. Whether you're new to massage or are a registered therapist, this book will serve as an awakening.” --See the full review written by Steve Brown, USA Triathlon Mid-Atlantic Regional Board, Jan/Feb 2007, on page 41.

Pilates Style
Follow Rich Poley’s guidebook and you’ll develop a new respect for the stress relieving ad muscle soothing practice of self-massage.”   “...This comprehensive how-to guide explains the benefits of regular self-massage­-particularly for athletes.” --See the full story in the December 2007 issue on page 95.

“Rich Poley’s well-described and well-illustrated book is designed to help cyclists and other athletes relieve sore muscles, recover more quickly between rides, and reduce the chance of injury both on and off the bike.” See the full story in the March 2007 issue on page 26.

Rocky Mountain Sports
“Every active person needs a massage. But most of us don’t get one until it’s too late, until we’re injured or when our body is screaming for help. Self-Massage for Athletes can help. Starting with seven simple massage strokes most effective for self-massage, the book guides readers through a full-body massage with special chapters focusing on acupressure, trigger point therapy, and using breathing and visualization.” See the full story in the June 2007 issue on page 13.

Running Times
“One more benefit: while the techniques are described for self-massage, learning them helps tremendously in massaging others as well.” See the full story by Jonathan Beverly in the September 2007 issue on page 8.

RUNOHIO magazine
 “This book provides an extremely useful and straight-forward approach to massage. It is able to provide the reader with the tools necessary to effectively use self-massage to prevent injury and muscle soreness as well as to promote general well being. Since most runners will face injury or muscle soreness at some point in their careers, the information presented in this book is ideal for any runner regardless of their competitive background.”--See the full review written by Elaine Binkley, All American Cross Country Runner, Jan/Feb 2007 page 22.
“So is this a book worth considering? I would have to say yes, it is a bit like the classic Stretching by Bob Anderson. I bought my copy a few years ago and I reckon that I use something from that book on an almost daily basis. Since I have had my copy of Rich’s book I have started to use the techniques on a regular basis and have started to feel a difference already.” --See the full review by Kevin Mansell in the December 2006 edition or pdf

Ski magazine
“Ask any serious athlete: Massage is a necessity, not a girly self-indulgence. But you can’t always hit the spa whenever you’re sore and tired. Instead, do it yourself. Rich Poley’s book, Self-Massage for Athletes, offers quick and easy how-to’s for working out the knots. . . Other benefits of self-massage: on demand service at an unbeatable price.” --See the full review in the December 2006 issue on page 46.

Ski Canada magazine
“Whether you want to relieve sore muscles or reduce the chance of injury, Self-Massage for Athletes has a ton of useful information, simple techniques and photos to cover body parts you never thought you could reach. As Boulder, Colorado based author, Rich Poley, says, ‘A great massage will never be farther away than your fingertips.’” --See the full story in the Winter 2007 issue on page 14.
“As a collegiate athlete and woman, I find that avoiding injury, learning how to provide self-relaxation, and relieving common aches and pains are key needs. Self-Massage for Athletes clearly outlines massages for every part of the body, which prevents the athlete from feeling overwhelmed or unsure about how to begin massaging and relaxing her body. The system of massage involves seven simple massage strokes. The book’s strengths are not only in its straightforward approach to teaching massages, but also in the emphasis it places on the benefits of massage in preventing injury. “--See the full review by Rosalind Klann on line in the July 2007 issue.
Self-Massage for Athletes would make a great holiday present for any athlete in your life – if not yourself! It’s an entertaining, easy read, and the instructional section is meant to be read as you learn the techniques to use for each body part. It takes the guesswork out of the best method to rub away sore, stiff muscles.”
See the full story in the
November 28, 2007 issue   

YOGA Magazine
“Self-massage is increasingly popular to help relieve sore muscles, hasten recovery and reduce chances of injury. Step-by-step instructions are given in this easy-to-follow manual. There are also over 100 black-and-white photographs illustrating the techniques, and plenty of tips and advice. Self-Massage for Athletes also shows you how to release sensitive trigger points and how to apply simple acupressure techniques.”  --See the full story in the December 2006 issue on page 18.

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